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Monday, June 18, 2012

I need a new hair straightener

The ceramic coating on my hair straightener is wearing off, exposing the metal underneath.  Damaged plates can cause extensive hair damage so I need to get a new hair straightener. 

A frequent problem with ceramic hair straighteners is that most of them are not hot enough to straighten hard to manage hair.  I find that for my hair type, straighteners that reach higher temperatures (>180 °C) produce the best results.  I am looking for a straightener with wide plate (1 ½” or 2”).   Wider plates are best for people with a lot of hair or coarse hair.
Ceramic hair straighteners are believed to be “gentle” to the hair.  Still, frequent use of hair straighteners, like any other heat styling tools, can cause hair damage such as split ends, thinning of the hair and even causing hair to become prone to breakage.  Always use a heat protectant to lessen the amount of damage.
Most straighteners have ceramic coated metal plates that often wear, chip, or peel.  100% solid ceramic hair straighteners never chip, peel or scratch.  Even so, they tend to be more delicate and break more easily if dropped.  Decisions, decisions…

What hair straightener do you use?  Do you have any recommendations?  Leave a comment and let me know!



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  2. A frequent problem with ceramic hair straighteners is that most of them are not hot ... straightenerceramic.blogspot.com


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