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Monday, December 07, 2015

Christmas confession!

Hello everyone!

I have a confession to make; I love Christmas sweaters!  I've always wanted to attend an Ugly Christmas Sweater party.  Honestly, just to see what everyone shows up wearing.

When searching for cute Christmas sweaters, I found some really ugly ones.  Take a look...

Ugly Christmas sweaters:

  1. Derek Heart Juniors' Ho Ho Ho Jacquard Ugly Christmas Sweater • $22.65
  2. Ten Sixty Sherman Tinsel Ball Christmas Sweater • $42
  3. Blizzard Bay Women's Fair Isle Kitty Ugly Christmas Sweater • $29
  4. Isabella's Closet Women's Retro Reindeer Fair Isle Ugly Christmas Sweater • $29
  5. Ugly Christmas Sweater Women's Polar Bear Button Cardigan Sweater • $29
  6. Ugly Christmas Sweater 'Patchwork' Light-Up Sweater • $48
  7. Ugly Christmas Sweater Juniors' Santa Paws Holiday Tunic Sweater • $29.99
  8. Ugly Christmas Sweater Women's Ugly Christmas Lightup Sweater • $35
  9. Ugly Christmas Sweater Women's Ugly Christmas Lightup Tree Sweater • $49.99
  10. Ugly Christmas Sweater Women's Ugly Christmas Cardigan • $28

Cute Christmas sweaters (I would actually wear):

  1. Derek Heart Juniors' Reindeer Jacquard Tunic Pullover Ugly Christmas Sweater • $29
  2. Christmas Bears Snowball Sweater • $57.50
  3. Jolt Juniors' Cute Bird With Hat Christmas Sweater • Jolt • $24.99
  4. **Tall Charcoal Sequin Snowflake Christmas jumper • $45
  5. Jolt Juniors' Cute Skating Penguin Christmas Sweater • Jolt • $24.99
  6. Derek Heart Juniors' Penguin with Jingle Bells Ugly Christmas Sweater • $29
  7. Notations Women's Panda Bear Pullover Ugly Christmas Sweater • Notations • $29.50
  8. Jolt Owl Christmas Sweater • Jolt • $27.30
  9. Jolt Hi-Low Penguin Christmas Sweater • Jolt • $27.30
  10. It's Our Time Juniors' 3D Snowman Cute Christmas Sweater • It's Our Time • $26.99

Check out the history of the rise in popularity of ugly Christmas sweaters:

Are you a fan of Holiday sweaters?  Which Christmas sweater, from the ones listed above, do you like the most?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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